Feb 16, 2024
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Westwing: E-commerce website development and enhancement

Westwing: E-commerce website development and enhancement

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Germany, Munchen
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Westwing is a “curated shoppable magazine”, inspiring its visitors every day with the newest trends, themes, stories, brands, and products from the world of Home & Living. It stands at the forefront as the leading inspiration-driven eCommerce platform in the realm of Home & Living for enthusiasts of home aesthetics. Acknowledging the need for a resilient e-commerce solution, strategic refactoring, and optimization measures were implemented to efficiently support the user base throughout the critical Black Friday period. To achieve this, Westwing was looking for an experienced software outsourcing partner to join their distributed team.


Milies stepped in to provide crucial support by extending the software development team and joining the refactoring effort. As the overall load on the shopping platform should have increased on Black Friday, the system could have run into some performance issues. Memcached’s architecture does not support some of the capabilities that could have helped mitigate these performance issues. So, we decided to migrate from Memcached to Redis. This strategic move aimed to modernize and enhance the backend infrastructure, ensuring it could withstand the high demands during Black Friday.


The tangible outcome was the success of the Black Friday campaign. The improved backend seamlessly handled an impressive 200,000 requests per minute, contributing significantly to Westwing's profitability during this crucial sales event. The collaboration between Westwing and Milies not only resolved the immediate challenges but also set the basis for a more resilient and scalable infrastructure. Overall, the collaboration between Westwing and Milies not only resolved immediate challenges during Black Friday, but also marked the beginning of a lasting software outsourcing partnership.