Sep 08, 2022
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7-12 months
Saudi Arabia
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Mobile Development
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The idea to create a highly secure messenger came up to our client after the Facebook – Cambridge Analytical scandal took place in 2018. It happened that services involved in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign easily got access to personal data from 87 million Facebook profiles. So when our client reached out to us to develop his app, the trust of people from all over the world in current online communication tools was close to none. For us, it meant that the demand for a really secure messaging app in the Middle East region was high, however, equally high was the competition.


To stand out from the crowd, within his messenger, our client decided to solve another issue that was urgent for the majority of the Middle East working population — finding the work-life balance. He called the target audience young professionals — employed people and entrepreneurs forced to work in a cut-throat high-pressure environment (largely spurred by the Saudi Vision 2030) to build careers and businesses.


In this case study, we'd like to share a story of creating a truly unique messenger application that cares about its users’ work-life balance while being as secure as Signal. This story is full of non-standard tech solutions we managed to make to beat all project challenges. There were quite a few of them, not least because our client planned to launch the app in the Middle East region where fierce restrictions on the use of VoIP apps have reigned for almost ten years. From the very beginning, this project promised to be exciting, so we started the development with utmost enthusiasm.