Sep 08, 2022
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7-12 months
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Julie and Tim came to us with an existing Android app for Envol that they wanted to improve. Its main issue was with audio playback for guided meditations and healing music. The tech side of the original app revealed to be lacking in what we needed to implement the necessary functionality. After discussing it with clients, we decided it would be more sensible — time-wise and financially — to build the new app from scratch and migrate existing users to it.


To better understand Envol's target audience and its in-app behavior, we analyzed the previous app and conducted surveys among existing users. Our goal was to preserve the best parts of the old app and fix its issues in our new Envol. The results of our research we translated into user personas, customer journey diagrams, and wireframes for the new app. This, in return, helped us build convenient UX, which brought Envol high satisfaction rates from users. Right now, Envol's retention rates are above 40%.


Envol is a tool created to assist people healing from chronic illnesses and injuries. Its unique algorithm was created and tried by a person herself recovering from a chronic illness: Julie went from a wheelchair-bound to back on her feet with the help of her partner Tim and holistic practices that she later transformed into Envol. Envol has an “open-source” medical research backing it up as a healing assistance tool for chronic illnesses and injuries.