Dec 15, 2023
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7-12 months
United States, Nantucket, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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There’s a tiny, isolated island with a population of slightly over eleven thousand people around the year except summer when it swells to around 80,000 with the flood of vacationers. The island gets quite crowded during summer months, making simple tasks like grocery shopping exceedingly tedious. Our client had an idea on how to improve the vacationing experience for Nantucket visitors, and he went to realize his vision. He set up a grocery delivery service business with a selection of offers ranging from simple on-demand deliveries to fridge stocking to full-time butler service. At the beginning, the service only had a phone line and a landing page, and all management was manual: handwritten notes, spreadsheets, etc. Then our client approached us for an upgrade.


We started off with a series of brainstorming sessions aimed at identifying the system’s future users, their pains, and what we could do to alleviate them. We pinpointed the three main types of users for the system and created their User stories. Prior to starting development, we communicated extensively with our client to understand in-depth challenges his grocery shopping service faced. Analyzing this information allowed us to come up with solutions. To build an intuitive interface, we employed best practices in user experience tested on our other delivery projects. Other necessary features included an ability to see order status, history of orders, payment functionality, and options to rate a butler, leave a review, and leave tips.


The season of Summer 2022 was a success for our client. We finished all sides of the Pampr platform within two and a half months, launched it in June, right on time for the vacation season. During the summer season of 2022, Pampr: - Had about 560 customers - Completed over 1000 luxury orders - Saved vacationers over 2,000 hours of their time