Dec 15, 2023
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Wise Up

Wise Up

7-12 months
Austria, Vienna
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Creating a highly-educated and qualified pool of specialists is one of the most surefire avenues to economic growth, which is what WKO, the Austrian Chamber of Commerce, considers its main goal. Once the platform for storing and delivering learning materials was found, WKO started thinking of a way to attract companies to use their educational service and monetize it. EdCast didn't allow them to generate invoices. That was the kind of initial request with which WKO came to us in October 2021.


Our designer’s primary task was to organically fit the Account Management Module into the WKO marketing website and EdCast learning management system. As a result, we worked out 67 design wireframes and 110 colored screens that were approved by our client with little to no revision. To provide a user-friendly experience for all three types of target users, we needed to organize a proper onboarding system, including easy registration.


Wise Up Launch and Ongoing Results WKO asked us to release the project before Christmas, which was three months after the start of the project. We built the roadmap with this deadline, and we managed to finish on time: Wise Up's first version was launched by Christmas 2021. But that was just the beginning. Since Wise Up’s launch at the end of 2021 and to this day, we've been working with Wise Up's support manager and handling requests from large corporations. They ask us to make slight adjustments or add new functionality to meet big clients' needs.