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Modex, the blockchain database company, innovates thanks to its incredible team of experts and offers services for the entire blockchain technology ecosystem. Since day one, Modex’s mission has been to facilitate the adoption of blockchain into society and to solve real-world problems using this revolutionary technology. With innovation as one of the company’s main pillars, Modex has brought to the market a suite of revolutionary products and services. Modex BCDB (Blockchain Database) is a middleware that fuses a blockchain with a traditional database to create a structure that is easy to use and understand by developers with no prior knowledge in blockchain development. As a result, any developer who knows how to work with a database system can operate with Modex’s solution, without needing to change their programming style or learn blockchain. For enterprises, Modex BCDB translates into enhanced data security, secure data sharing, streamlining of operations, and protection against cyberattacks. With offices in London, Bucharest, Gibraltar, Silicon Valley, Singapore and Washington DC (upcoming), Modex provides a dynamic, diverse and inclusive workplace, with equal growth opportunities to all of its employees. Fairness, respect and commitment are values which can be found in the company’s philosophy.

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United States, Sunnyvalle
United Kingdom, London
Romania, Bucharest
United States, Washington

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aws network
C5 Capital