Apr 20, 2022
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App for Making International Payments

App for Making International Payments

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The client required a cross-platform payment app for international transactions, with a focus on convenience, security, and comprehensive financial insights. Key tasks included: streamlining transactions and enabling multiple card support; designing a user-friendly, secure authorization process; implementing features like transaction history, balance monitoring, and currency conversion; ensuring robust data encryption and security measures; creating an intuitive, visually appealing interface with user feedback integration; generating detailed, well-organized reports on financial activities. The project aimed to develop a user-centric, secure international payment app that simplifies transactions and provides valuable financial management tools.


The mobile app offers a seamless international payment experience with key features: multi-bank card integration on a single platform; customizable user interface; easy currency transfers for international transactions; compatibility with major payment systems; robust security measures for data protection; accessible transaction history for financial management; user-friendly authentication, including social media and phone number options; streamlined card addition via intuitive scanning; comprehensive financial reports for informed decisions.


We’ve received feedback from a satisfied client narrating the results of the implementation of their new product developed by the Modsen team. The key achievements include: 50% user base growth and an 80% surge in positive reviews, reflecting user appeal and loyalty; a 35% increase in average money transfers per user, demonstrating transaction facilitation; a 55% reduction in transaction time, improving user experience through efficiency; a 70% user engagement with additional features, showing customer satisfaction and enhanced experience.
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App for Making International Payments
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App for Making International Payments