Mar 11, 2024
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Application for Medical Equipment Provision

Application for Medical Equipment Provision

7-12 months
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The client's 10-year-old medical equipment provision software needed an upgrade to modernize its layout and improve functionality, including: optimizing procurement and real-time inventory management; implementing search filters for suppliers and products; online delivery tracking; order management system; warehouse inventory accounting system; synchronization of health services with equipment supply. The goal was to create a competitive application to efficiently handle business tasks and outperform competitors in the medical equipment provision sector.


The software modernization focused on redefining roles, improving inventory management, and enhancing the user interface. Tailored functionality for roles, data storage location options, and barcode-driven inventory management increased efficiency and compliance. The updated UI included custom themes, a chat feature, and advanced search capabilities. Multifunctional order management streamlined procurement, while calendar synchronization improved coordination. These features transformed the outdated software into a cutting-edge medical solution, addressing challenges and positioning the client as an industry leader.


The software development brought substantial benefits to the client, including successful global implementation across 23 countries, streamlined operations for a broad customer base, and over 90% client satisfaction due to the software's agility and customization options. Additionally, patient care was significantly enhanced, with a 30% reduction in processing time and a 25% increase in accuracy and efficiency.
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Application for Medical Equipment Provision
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Application for Medical Equipment Provision