Nov 02, 2022
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ERP Software for Chemical Enterprise

ERP Software for Chemical Enterprise

7-12 months
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The client's growth in product lines, departments, and process complexity required optimizing their business management architecture. They sought a custom ERP solution for chemical manufacturing, with key requirements including: scalable data processing for large volumes of production data and user registrations; flexible contract management tailored to diverse partners and regions; a comprehensive accounting and billing system; system agility and scalability to accommodate evolving business needs; modules for efficient planning, scheduling, and forecasting; compliance with GHS and SDS standards.


To meet the client's unique needs, the Modsen team created a custom software solution using a modern tech stack. Key features included efficient contract handling, comprehensive accounting and invoicing with tariff support, and advanced planning and forecasting tools. By tailoring the software to the client's requirements, Modsen ensured seamless integration and successful implementation.


ERP combines numerous business processes, making information easily accessible to different enterprise departments. Currently, our team is providing product technical support. It was quickly and smoothly implemented, and is helping achieve the client’s ambitious goals at the moment: a surge in the enterprise’s revenue thanks to growth in sales and facilitated transaction process; improved work quality, which is facilitated by the availability of information and more convenient control over staff performance; reduced costs on extra operations and optimized operational processes.
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ERP Software for Chemical Enterprise
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ERP Software for Chemical Enterprise