May 12, 2022
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Intranet Portal for Education Company

Intranet Portal for Education Company

7-12 months
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Modsen team aimed to develop a robust learning environment that could adapt to the dynamic nature of educational offerings. Key challenges included ensuring seamless integration by incorporating relevant changes into existing platform modules for continuous improvement, displaying interconnected data elements like syllabus forms, courses, and specializations through complex data visualization, managing and adding new curricula due to limited curriculum editing capabilities of the existing platform, streamlining time-consuming e-learning processes such as course creation and enrollment management to save time, and efficiently organizing and updating syllabi to minimize resource usage, thus reducing the resource-intensive nature of syllabus management.


Our approach emphasized quick decision-making, adaptability, and clear communication, leading to the successful development of an innovative e-learning platform for the education sector. Key technical features included a user-friendly interface designed for easy navigation and access to a wide range of functionalities, comprehensive editing capabilities for internal aspects to ensure a highly customizable platform, error-free management of multiple processes through enhanced microservices logic, utilization of SQL to increase storage capacity and accommodate growing data needs, and successful integration with internal components to promote a cohesive and efficient platform.


Our collaboration with the Modsen team yielded impressive outcomes, significantly enhancing our client's services and laying the foundation for future growth: 58% reduction in teaching staff workload, enabling focus on quality education; 67% increase in platform performance, ensuring a smooth user experience; 38% boost in user ratings, reflecting higher customer satisfaction and trust.
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Intranet Portal for Education Company
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Intranet Portal for Education Company