Apr 20, 2022
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Software for Automatic Financial Report Generation

7-12 months
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Software Development
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Banking & Financial Services
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The software had to match the following requirements: - optimization of existing solutions taking into account the current growth and future business scaling; - algorithm development for compiling financial reports and providing data to the end user; - control, identification and prevention of possible errors while generating data by the user in the software; - product interface adaptation, bearing in mind all changes; - formation of a wide pool of financial reports of the company.


- the server part of the product was written using Node JS technologies, which is getting used to be a secure and productive Java platform; - we dealt with improving the software interface using Bootstrap powered by our experience in similar projects; - deeper automation made the production of complex calculation algorithms possible in one click; - the software system identifies and marks all user-made errors; - the formation of various financial reports; - qualitative testing of the developed changes.


The project was completed successfully, all the functionality corresponded to the technical task. Moreover, the Modsen team managed to improve the initial plans together with the client and find more flexible and high-quality solutions while developing. The significant result of cooperation for our partner now is: - key simplification of many business processes, which makes it possible to speed up data processing; - upgrade of the quality of generated financial reports, as well as their variety improvement; - intuitive interface for users, as clearly indicated by statistics; - the possibility of further scaling, without loss of quality and efficiency of data processing.