Mar 11, 2024
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VR Training App for Heavy Industry Workers

VR Training App for Heavy Industry Workers

4-6 months
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Develop a VR self-training app for the heavy industry, compatible with various headsets. Key tasks included: creating an immersive training environment for heavy machinery operations; designing realistic job challenge scenarios; ensuring interactive, hands-on learning; creating an intuitive user interface; developing VR modes for car assembly, disassembly, and accident prevention training; securing software scalability for new training modes; providing real-time performance feedback and assessment; integrating employee progress tracking features. The goal was to create a comprehensive VR training solution to enhance worker safety and competencies in the heavy industry.


The VR application replicated real-world industrial scenarios for safe training, featuring: compatibility with various VR headsets; realistic job challenge simulations; interactive learning experiences; intuitive user interface; VR modes for equipment operation, assembly/disassembly, and accident prevention training; scalability for adding new training modes; real-time performance feedback; integration with existing training systems. This comprehensive solution prioritized safety, skill enhancement, and seamless integration with current training frameworks.


The VR app significantly improved training efficiency and safety compliance, with key features such as immersive environments, realistic scenarios, hands-on learning, performance assessment, and progress tracking. Positive outcomes after one year of use include a 67% reduction in new employee-induced production errors; a 99% workplace safety awareness rate; and a 53% reduction in employee training-associated expenses.
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VR Training App for Heavy Industry Workers
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VR Training App for Heavy Industry Workers