Sep 07, 2023
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Custom Healthcare Analytics Solution Improves Outcomes in Accountable Care

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Aetna, a leading national insurer, collaborates with various Accountable Care Organizations (ACO) to offer value-based care. Recognizing that an ACO's success hinges on robust data analytics to manage care delivery, cut costs, and improve patient outcomes, Aetna aimed to establish a system for enhanced care coordination among healthcare providers. They engaged MojoTech, specialists in healthcare software development and analytics, to devise a tailor-made solution and simultaneously mentor Aetna's internal teams, boosting development efficiency and project speed.


MojoTech developed a HIPAA-compliant analytics tool for Aetna, consolidating data from various sources and highlighting referral trends. Leveraging HL7 FHIR, Ruby-on-Rails, and PostgreSQL, they overcame integration challenges. The intuitive interface, designed with Angular, D3, and Google Maps, allowed users to easily interpret complex data. Quality assurance involved test suites and a Jenkins CI server pre-deployment. Through agile methods and a SCRUM approach, MojoTech collaborated closely with Aetna, also mentoring them for a smooth transition and offering continued value post-engagement.


Utilizing the custom healthcare analytics solution, Aetna and its ACO members garnered critical insights to enhance patient care quality, manage population health, and trim costs. The analytics tool minimized patient leakage, ensuring they received comprehensive care from multiple providers, bolstering patient outcomes. Moreover, Aetna achieved significant cost savings by retaining patients within the ACO network. This reduced ACO's expenses related to acquiring new patients and decreased out-of-pocket costs for patients by ensuring they accessed in-network care.