Sep 07, 2023
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Digital Transformation Improves Amica’s Ability to Engage with Customers Online

Digital Transformation Improves Amica’s Ability to Engage with Customers Online

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Amica Insurance, a top US insurance provider celebrated for superior customer service, recognized the rising preference of customers for digital channels. However, their online offerings weren't aligning with user expectations. Consequently, Amica saw the need to revamp its web and mobile platforms and refine its software development approach to maintain its reputation for excellent customer experiences.


A unified code base was established for both web and mobile apps using React and React Native, streamlining development. Middleware was developed on legacy systems, enabling modern APIs and predictable product releases. GitHub was introduced for efficient version control, and MojoTech trained Amica in rigorous code review processes to ensure quality. Moving away from lengthy system upgrades, they adopted Agile development practices and transitioned from project to product management, emphasizing user-centered planning and swift feature deployment.


Amica, with MojoTech's assistance, successfully transformed into a digitally-focused company. By unifying their codebase, they streamlined product development, enhancing internal efficiency and better addressing customer needs. This change led to a twofold increase in internal productivity, fostering effective collaboration and transitioning from lengthy development cycles to agile practices. Consequently, customer satisfaction soared, evidenced by their mobile app ratings jumping from 1.5 to 4.5 stars. Embracing this digital shift, Amica fortifies its market-leading position in customer satisfaction.