Oct 24, 2023
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Revamping Sneaker News Websites for Efficiency

4-6 months
United States, New York
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Managing heavy traffic and ensuring site speed became increasingly challenging for Sneaker News. High traffic could slow it down, cause crashes, and attract hackers. The website had inconsistent code, making the database unstable. Adding features like Twitter and eBay connections, a stable backend, and customizable interfaces was tricky.


To tackle these issues, Multidots built two advanced CMS websites, sneakernews.com and jordansdaily.com, using the robust Enterprise WordPress platform, opting for WordPress VIP for stability and security. They created a central backend system with the Push and Pull API System on a Core PHP Framework. This system allowed seamless cooperation between the two websites, syncing information for an improved user experience. Integration with eBay's API enabled direct sneaker purchases, generating significant affiliate earnings. Customized WordPress plugins were added for social sharing, category, and tag ratings.


Multidots provided a complete solution for Sneaker News, addressing challenges, overseeing the project, and delivering results. The revamped websites now manage 34 million monthly page views and cater to 5.6 million unique visitors. Transitioning to WordPress VIP increased efficiency by 30%, broadening the subscriber base. After the new site went live, Sneaker News' global Alexa ranking improved by 1418 positions in just three months. The ongoing partnership with Sneaker News shows great promise, with Multidots' successful track record set to continue.