Sep 22, 2023
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AI-Driven Real Estate Enhancement Project

more 1 year
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The existing real estate application faced several challenges that hindered its effectiveness. These challenges encompassed suboptimal performance, inadequate user experience, and the necessity to remain competitive in a rapidly evolving real estate landscape. The absence of advanced AI-driven features further limited the application's capabilities and hindered its potential to offer cutting-edge services.


It entailed a multifaceted approach that included: The application's architecture was revamped by implementing microservices, enhancing scalability, flexibility, and maintainability. The team worked on improving the application's performance, achieving remarkable gains of up to 50% in certain services, ensuring smoother user interactions. A novel machine learning model was developed from scratch, leveraging PySpark and AWS SageMaker. The project encompassed migrating from traditional technologies like Spring 4 to more advanced versions like Spring 5 and transitioning from JDBC to Spring Data JPA. Additionally, the application shifted from SQL databases to Elasticsearch, enhancing search capabilities.


The project's results were transformative and impactful: The application's performance was substantially enhanced, offering users quicker responses and improved navigation, contributing to higher engagement rates. The introduction of AI-powered predictive analytics provided users with valuable insights, aiding in making informed decisions when buying or selling properties. The modernization of technologies and migration to Elasticsearch led to a more efficient search experience, enabling users to find properties more effectively. Collectively, these enhancements culminated in an improved overall user experience, a competitive edge for the client, and a well-optimized real estate application capable of meeting modern market demands.