Sep 22, 2023
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DRESOS - AI-powered solution that provides personalized shopping experience

DRESOS - AI-powered solution that provides personalized shopping experience

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United Arab Emirates
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Fashion retail, both physical and online has hardly any personalization and uses very little data and technology when offering products. At the same time, over 70% of consumers expect personalized shopping experience. We want to offer personalization and at the same time the shopping convenience for people that don’t like shopping or don’t have time for it.


Muteki Group developed a web platform and AI solution to offer personalized outfits for every consumer taking into consideration their preferences in terms of style, fit, size, price and many other data points. All that without any risk for the end consumer with try before you buy model. We empowered the product by adding 3D body scanner that creates realistic avatars of customers. After the final release a User will have possibility to use virtual fitting room and try suggested outfits on his personal avatar online.


Muteki Group developed a scalable system using AWS services. Our AI solution analyses 100 data points and suggests outfits for customers taking into consideration their preferences, previous purchases and matching them with latest fashion trends. The system can generate hundreds of outfits in several minutes.