Nov 23, 2023
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The long-term rental platform for London & Dubai

The long-term rental platform for London & Dubai

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United Kingdom, London
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Rentd approached us in 2020 with only an iOS app built with “Swift” and an Admin Panel built with an old version of Angular. The requirements were to expand the product by building a Web App and an Android App, as well as customizing the platform for the Dubai market. Apart from that, the whole journey needed to be automated, including the signing of the contract and the payment process of the first rent, which was not included in the iOS app.


Building a software product across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android) for different markets requires a good plan in terms of time-to-market, velocity, scalability and robustness. We started with a Solution Architect who was creating the project plan (software architecture, cloud infrastructure, release plan and team structure) based on the resources we had and the company’s OKRs. We needed to find an acceptable ratio between the time to market and the robustness and scalability of the product. To do so, we divided the plan into two main parts: Technology and tools, and Architecture


Rentd became a fully automated rental platform operating in London and Dubai. It offers its services across all platforms (Web, iOS, Android).The software is maintainable, scalable and robust. It uses the latest technologies available on the market. ‍ MVP Masters helped Rentd to be able to easily expand to new markets with very low effort and zero cost for development. Read the full case study here: