Oct 10, 2023
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AZ Sportech: Elevating Sports Tech

AZ Sportech: Elevating Sports Tech

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Uruguay, Montevideo
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Elevating sports technology with AZ Sportech posed multifaceted challenges. Revolutionizing sports required advanced analysis and cutting-edge software. Efficiently managing various club operations, from budget tracking to sanitation monitoring and contract management, was complex. Leveraging historical game footage to strategize for upcoming matches demanded innovative solutions. Ensuring seamless software operation and infrastructure management on AWS added a layer of complexity. The holistic approach needed a balance of advanced technology and robust reliability.


Our solution involved leveraging C#, .Net Framework, SQL Server, HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jquery, and Bootstrap. We created comprehensive software that empowers sports clubs to excel. It efficiently manages various aspects of club operations. Historical game footage is used to strategize for upcoming matches, with video editing, annotation, and generation for training sessions. Our dedicated team ensures seamless software operation and infrastructure management on AWS. The holistic approach transforms sports management, enhancing every facet of the sporting experience with cutting-edge technology.


The outcome is AZ Sportech, a comprehensive sports technology solution that revolutionizes sports management. It empowers sports clubs with efficient operations, advanced analysis, and innovative features. Clubs can strategize for upcoming matches using historical game footage, improving team performance. Our dedication to seamless software operation and AWS infrastructure management ensures reliability. AZ Sportech enhances every facet of the sporting experience, reflecting our unwavering commitment to continuous improvement and delivering exceptional digital solutions that empower sports clubs both on and off the field.
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AZ Sportech: Elevating Sports Tech