Oct 10, 2023
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GSM: Medical Service Assignment App with Flutter

GSM: Medical Service Assignment App with Flutter

7-12 months
Uruguay, Montevideo
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Developing the GSM Medical Service Assignment App came with its set of intricate challenges. Understanding complex requirements was paramount. Balancing medics' nuanced needs, workflow intricacies, and real-time service tracking while integrating service states and automated processes proved demanding. Ensuring data accuracy and security alongside user-friendliness required finesse. Connectivity issues in diverse medical settings needed consideration. Complying with healthcare regulations added complexity. Overcoming these challenges demanded meticulous planning, deep domain knowledge, and effective tech integration.


To address these challenges, we crafted the GSM Medical Service Assignment App using Flutter and integrated it with the Google Maps API. This user-friendly platform empowers medics to access, manage, and update assigned services, add observations, and track service locations on a map. The application's logic orchestrates service states, workday management, and automates flagging and observations. Seamless integration with a PHP-based API ensures real-time data flow, resulting in a potent and efficient system that streamlines service assignment and boosts user productivity. It prioritizes data security, compliance, and robust connectivity.


Our endeavor produced transformative results. The GSM Medical Service Assignment App became a pivotal tool for efficient medical service allocation. Medics effortlessly manage assignments, update statuses, add observations, and locate services on a user-friendly interface. Automated processes reduce workload and enhance data accuracy. The PHP-based API integration enables real-time data synchronization, optimizing service assignment efficiency. Connectivity issues in varied medical environments were addressed, ensuring the app's functionality. Overall, our solution streamlined workflows, improving productivity, data accuracy, and healthcare compliance. The app benefits both medics and patients.