Oct 10, 2023
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Staff Augmentation for an e-commerce app

4-6 months
Uruguay, Montevideo
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Retail and Restaurants
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The project encountered several significant challenges, notably revolving around scalability, real-time delivery tracking, and accommodating a high daily delivery demand. The initial scope of the project demanded an e-commerce app capable of handling a substantial number of daily delivery requests, which posed scalability concerns. Real-time delivery tracking, a crucial feature, presented technical complexities that needed to be resolved efficiently. The team also had to ensure that the app could handle a high volume of daily transactions and seamlessly process payments while providing a user-friendly experience for customers. These challenges required meticulous planning, precise execution, and a collaborative approach to ensure the successful completion of the project.


To address these challenges, we adopted a collaborative approach with Leenspace's development team, providing staff augmentation to enhance their capacity. We focused on developing a highly customized user interface tailored to the client's specific needs, including product listings, category management, an intuitive search bar, and efficient address searching capabilities. Our team implemented seamless payment processing and integrated a real-time delivery tracking feature via a map interface. The choice of technology, Flutter, allowed us to create a cohesive and responsive mobile app. This collaborative effort and customized development approach were instrumental in overcoming the challenges and ensuring a successful project delivery.


The project's results were remarkable. The e-commerce app successfully handled thousands of delivery requests each day without a hitch. The client's expectations were not only met but exceeded, as the app demonstrated its ability to deliver a cutting-edge e-commerce solution. The seamless user experience, precise payment processing, and real-time delivery tracking contributed to high customer satisfaction. This project exemplified our commitment to delivering complex software projects with precision and excellence, showcasing our ability to overcome challenges through collaboration and innovative development techniques. The partnership with Leenspace was a resounding success, and the e-commerce app remains a testament to our dedication to delivering exceptional software solutions.