Nov 01, 2022
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Employee Engagement App

Employee Engagement App

2-3 months
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The client turned to JatApp with an almost-ready, but poor-quality solution. The code was badly written, while some features, like push notifications and GIFs, didn’t work at all. Despite bad code quality, the client didn’t want to redevelop the application ‒ they wanted to hire a team that would refactor the previously written software code, as well as fix bugs when they are detected. JatApp completed the project in 3 months and continues supporting it.


Although the software code was badly written, the client didn’t want to rewrite it. Our task was to restructure the code to make the application operate properly, making sure all functions, including push notifications and GIFs, work as expected. The client didn’t provide technical specifications, so we had to dig into the code and find problems ourselves. When we refactored the code and redeveloped the app's features, the application was launched. However, new bugs still appeared because of the poor quality of the original code, so we continued to maintain the solution.


With JatApp, the client turned a poorly performing buggy app into a seamless survey solution for employee engagement with a lot of capabilities: workday rating, engagement surveys, gamification features, video feedback. Also, administrators can see the real-time statistics of daily surveys and the percentage of positive and negative responses on the moodfactors scoring panel.