Jan 25, 2024
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4-6 months
United States
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Public Venues Made Easy: NEKLO Builds Reservation Powerhouse The Challenge: Imagine a sprawling map of the USA, dotted with vibrant venues yearning for visitors. Our client envisioned a platform that would connect these spaces with individuals seeking memorable experiences - and they entrusted NEKLO to make it happen. Their request was clear: Webflow Website, Secure Payments, Venue Management.


Our team of tech wizards conjured a custom Webflow masterpiece, nestled atop a sturdy cloud-based database, ready to handle reservations with finesse. To elevate the user experience, we sprinkled in a dash of these delightful features: Payment Gateway: PayPal, Stripe, and more - ensuring users can pay with their preferred method, making booking a breeze. Location Locator: Google Maps integration lets users pinpoint venues easily, assessing proximity and planning their adventures with precision. Filtering: We built robust filtering options, empowering users to find the perfect venue based on size, amenities, budget, and more. Social Sharables: Social media integrations allow users to share venue listings and reviews, spreading the word about their favorite hidden gems.


The Result: A vibrant online hub where venues and adventurers collide. From bustling city rooftops to serene countryside retreats, the platform connects Americans with unforgettable experiences across the nation. NEKLO crafted an elegant solution, packed with powerful features, ready to transform the landscape of public venue reservations.