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NewEvol is the technologically advanced product suite that uses data science for advanced analytics to identify abnormalities in the data itself. Supported by visualization, rule-based alerting, automation, and responses, NewEvol becomes a more compiling proposition for any small to large enterprise. Machine Learning (ML) and security intelligence feed makes NewEvol a more robust system to cater to challenging business demands.

NewEvol Offerings:

The infinite data store (Data Lake): Data lakes are next-generation data management solutions that can help your business users and data scientists meet big data challenges and drive new levels of real-time analytics.

SIEM: NewEvol SIEM is a solution that aggregates and analyzes security activities from various devices integrated in your IT environment. Backed by data lake capability and advance dashboard reporting. NewEvol SIEM provides features that goes beyond traditional SIEM’s.

Threat Intelligence: NewEvol threat intelligence solution, helps system to learn new threats from different sources globally to enrich the raw data where system can focus on safeguarding the organization from any unknown or zero-day attack.

Analytics: Built on big data platform and backed by machine learning algorithms, NewEvol Analytics help you achieve threat hunting and predictive analytics in no time.

Automation & Response: Respond to the alerts with just a click or just automatically. Playbook does it all. Design your own playbook to carry out repetitive tasks and actions automatically. Any integration, any action, any output, decision is yours to save time.

Innovation in Motion

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