Aug 12, 2022
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4-6 months
United States
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Banking & Financial Services


NWCC is a platform that has been functioning for more than 35 years. Many users have utilized it for years, so we made sure that the shift to the new version was smooth. It was crucial to create a design that both preserves all the essential features and, at the same time, adds convenience to the experience.


NorthWest Construction Control (NWCC) is a construction finance control system. It allows construction companies and investors to manage finances and project implementation effectively. The platform offers construction loan inspections, budget reviews, and other documentation support services.


We created a sophisticated yet easy to navigate design: all the platform’s elements are organized in such a way, that even those users who are not that tech-save can intuitively operate NWCC. Among the platform’s features are: Invoices and confirmation letters organization All the documents are stored and organized in the system. It is easy to find any report through the search bar to view or print it. Project statistics NWCC’s dashboard demonstrates project statistics, such as active projects by time and completion. It helps with understanding the overall situation and load.