Jun 18, 2021
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Drupal Redesign and Digital Marketing for HelpSystems

7-12 months
United States
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HelpSystems needed a web solution that could unify and strengthen all offerings through a single customer-facing gateway, and be dynamic enough to accommodate new services as they were developed. Also, they recognized that optimization for mobile devices was a key requirement for future success. Key Requirements: -Facilitate change of strategy, from product-focused to solutions-focused -Streamline complex services/brand offerings into one portal -Improved content creation, management, and administration -Emphasis on mobile and optimization for mobile devices -Powerful and scalable CMS platform -Confidence in long-term technology lifespan and solid ROI


1. Drupal was chosen for its robust and extensible technology, flexibility, scalability, security, and cost savings. 2. The Discovery & Strategy Phases helped us distill key requirements into a roadmap for the project, with deliverables including a content strategy framework and user experience wireframes. 3.Design was guided by stakeholder feedback and brand standards, involving several iterations and feedback rounds. 4. The Development process was iterative so that we had measurable progress yet flexibility for adjustment along the way. 5.Deployment went well, given a bit of complexity with a remote S3 file system for assets, and a production environment on a load-balanced Rackspace server.


How We Did It: -Systematic review of existing site, users, workflow, and website goals -Collaborative discovery period with workshops/meetings to prepare a needs assessment and find solutions -Professional consulting on content strategy, user experience, and design with stakeholder feedback -Agile development methodology to demonstrate success at each step of the build -An in-depth review of Drupal modules, matching stability and features with required functionality -Custom code development