Oct 13, 2023
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Case Study: AgTech Startup

Case Study: AgTech Startup

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When the company first reached out to us, they had already been in operation for several years. They had previous experience working with an outstaffing company, but weren’t fully satisfied with the results and weren’t sure the performance of outsourced employees would meet their standards. Additionally, like many other companies, they feared that candidates hired through outstaffing would be as dedicated to the project as their in-house employees, and that they might leave unexpectedly. Still, they decided to give it another try and contacted us. Our main goal was to ease their concerns and prove that using outstaffing services can be as effective as having an in-house team.


When looking for a perfect candidate, we followed our standard process: a CV screening, Pre-screening call, Technical interview + soft-skills and English knowledge test, Test task, Interview with the client. Even though our client already has their own HR department, we provide additional people management support for the employees we hired. Our HR representative works closely with their existing team, making everyone's work more efficient.


Currently, the company has fifteen employees on board that we found and hired. They are all working across different departments, and are fully integrated with the in-house team. With the help of the developers we found, our client launched a new product line. Working with us helped the client find suitable employees much faster and saved them $870,000 a year in salaries.