Oct 13, 2023
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Case Study: Digital Twins Startup

Case Study: Digital Twins Startup

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Our work with the company began shortly after its establishment. Building the team from the ground up can be complicated, especially for a startup. To someone without prior hiring experience, it can be challenging to determine who to look for, where to find them, and how to check if they're a good fit. As a brand new startup, our clients were also limited in terms of budget and time. This made making the right hiring decisions quickly a bit tricky. Because of all these challenges, they contacted us and asked for our help in putting together their dream team.


While working on this project, we had a strong influence on what the search criteria for the candidate would be, since the company completely trusted us in this matter. We aimed for a balanced approach: the candidate had to be experienced enough to thrive and be productive in a startup environment, yet fit into our client's budget. Soft skills were important too: the right person for the job had to be a self-starter, eager to prove themselves and grow as a professional, and genuinely invested in the company's success.


Our developers were there practically from the first lines of code written, and we are very proud to see how far they've come. They developed and launched their product successfully, have already earned an amazing reputation and got to work with high-profile clients. A thoughtfully selected team helped them launch their project and start getting customers quickly. Now, they are steadily growing and expanding.