Apr 17, 2024
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Unicycle .com

Unicycle .com

4-6 months
United Kingdom
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Unicycle.co.uk needed a solution for lower-quantity sales. By effectively being able to sell through their website, they’d be able to free up their sales team’s time to focus on larger quantity orders. Make no mistake though, Unicycle.co.uk are still firmly a B2B brand, and the website also needed to clearly represent that. In addition, they wanted to make sure their website communicated exactly what they do and who their target market would be. Unicycle.co.uk needed a website that could showcase their extensive product catalogue. We saw that Magento would allow Unicycle.co.uk to display their hundreds of products easier than their previous WordPress website. A Magento ecommerce store would better facilitate switching products out and adding new products.


After briefing us their aims of redesigning the site to create an improved and modern look and feel as well, we worked with the client to rebuild their website from scratch in Magento using a pre-designed theme template. Their allocated Account Manager worked on finding the best available theme that not only would give the site a new look, but also increase the functionality and ease for both type of customers they were targeting. The new site was built using Magento with various plugins to provide additional functionality needed and a new page for news and blogs to boost SEO ranking. Another key improvement was implementing a slider functionality into the site allowing the user to customize their purchase amount in a simplified way.


A multi-site approach was integral to development and therefore we needed to integrate tailored functions, such as the ability to display content in both UK and US English. With Unicycle.co.uk’s forward thinking and innovative brand in mind, we developed a dynamic and animated scrolling functionality. This allowed for a perfect balance between being aesthetically pleasing and easy to use for the Unicycle.co.uk website administrators. We built the site incrementally, showcasing regular opportunities for feedback to ensure expectations were satisfied. The project was delivered to the client on time, on spec and on budget. Unicycle.co.uk now has a new website with an updated look and feel that is on brand, contemporary and easier for both their customer types to use.
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Unicycle .com
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Unicycle .com