Mar 28, 2024
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Vortec Marine

Vortec Marine

2-3 months
United Kingdom
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Vortec Marine came to us wanting to migrate their website to WordPress and a more performant hosting company. The website needed to operate as a front-end tool for attracting new clients. The Vortec Marine website also required integration with other proprietary platforms both internal and external to the organization. The Vortec Marine project was a close collaboration between our development team and the Vortec Marine team. We adopted an agile development methodology which was beneficial as there were certain requirements of the project that were determined during the development phases. By using this method, we were able to offer a high degree of flexibility.


Using WordPress also offered us flexibility. This open source platform is both scalable and extensible and is therefore ideally suited as the foundation for such a project. Regular updates throughout the project and a phased delivery enabled us to reduce risk and deliver a powerful and adaptable solution. We were keen to ensure that the administration of the Vortec Marine site was as simple and straightforward as possible. Boat sales data is managed by a proprietary central system, using a SOAP interface we integrated with this central system.


Our web team created an engaging site that not only makes a visual impact but is also designed to support online optimization and SEO. At OMTech, we believe that a website’s functionality is just as important as the design. The new site was designed to ensure that all links to CRM systems (like Infusionsoft) and other connected platforms like Podcasts (iTunes & PowerPress) were retained and not broken by the new site launch. The final design complemented the photo shoot images and brand material provided by the client. The site is responsive and was designed for both mobile and desktop users. Responsive design is essential as users spend an average of 70% of their media time on mobile devices.
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Vortec Marine
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Vortec Marine
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Vortec Marine