Dec 05, 2022
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Gift For Babies With Shopify Store

Gift For Babies With Shopify Store

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- Firstly, they required a website built on a cloud-based platform. - Secondly, they wanted to integrate many payment methods. - Next, they requested us to ensure personalization, and simplify management. - Then, they require a website that streamlined user navigation; - In addition, they asked for a website with easy-to-understand content (Product descriptions); attractive design (Easy navigation), and using multi-extensions based on their requirements. - Finally, it’s timely support from ONEXT DIGITAL.


- We help our customers choose the Shopify platform to build their online store. - We offer UX/UI design that is appropriate to customers’ requirements. - We implement the Shopify project (website development & customization). - We have done system integration based on customers’ requirements. - We are always available for 24/7 ongoing support to our customers.


ONEXT DIGITAL helps its customers create a modern E-Commerce using the newest from the Shopify platform. Since the website is going live, they have been reaching out to a large number of customers domestically and internationally. Moreover, we help them achieve a 5.5x increase in conversion in the 2-month first.