Oct 20, 2022
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A Cloud based ERP for Construction company

A Cloud based ERP for Construction company

4-6 months
United States
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The Eredox Construction ERP was hired by a Miami-based construction company. The client was the owner of one of Florida's most prestigious construction firms. The client's primary demand is as they require a system to handle their building site operations, warehousing, inventory, and financial information.


The Eredox Construction ERP was built and developed specifically for the client's needs. The system is also available as a web application and a desktop program. The system can monitor and control construction site operations, as well as view and track project progress in percentages. The percentage is calculated using the data and activity submitted into the system in the context of the WBS (Work Break-Down System) for the specific project.


We have explored all the modules of Eredox construction ERP, and it is quite evident that it will not only help streamline business processes but also increase your overall effectiveness. Implementing a fully integrated and automated construction ERP helps construction companies become more efficient and ultimately leads to improved profitability.