Oct 20, 2022
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Novux CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Novux CRM - Customer Relationship Management

4-6 months
Service categories


Our client from Canada was a big player who wanted to build a CRM according to the requirements of entertainment spots like Nightclubs & Bars. So we have put our experts on building an amazing cloud-based solution called Novux that allows users to manage and track all the operations performed in nightclubs and bars. It automates the process of assigning tasks and the whole HR and recruitment process.


Employers can manage the whole recruitment and HR process with: - HR and management can review the applications of entertainers and bartenders for the job. - It allows them to Accept or Reject the application to sort the best talents among all the applicants. - If the application is rejected, then the system requires the reason behind the rejection. - It has inbuilt SMS and E-mail portal to interact with applicants and invite them for an interview. - Employers can store the documents and identity proofs in the system.


In other words, Novux is not just a CRM application. But, it’s the whole ERP web application that helps employers and employees to perform the operations with significantly fewer chances of error. It solves the issue faced by employers, management, and employees at the entertainment spots like nightclubs and bars every day.