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Feb 27, 2024
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Digital Changeover: Optical Character Recognition

Digital Changeover: Optical Character Recognition

2-3 months
United States, Austin
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The machines and the spare parts need continuous monitoring and previously the software that client was using was not an effective one. Therefore, this whole system needs to be modified to smoothen the whole process of manufacturing where analytics, centralized database, and alert system are developed into the software in order to get notified about the critical aspects in the facility. ​ Email, message, and notification: Notification to operator and engineer/manager after completion of upgradation of change over sheet with model number and quantity. Generate notifications if input/scanned data doesn’t match with the database values. Sheet assigning, sheet completion.


Centralized database and dashboard for data logging and data monitoring for a change-over sheet of machines Centralized database: Maintaining data history. Log-In credentials for users. Hierarchy-based reading and writing permissions. Storing idle or required images or text in a database for all different machines and their specific programs. Changeover sheet submission after uploading digital signature. Storing the timestamp for change over sheet activities (e.g., Time, date, and name of the operator or TM). Reset data option if required, by accessing it through authorized user password. Approval notifications to managers for any required upgradation. Document uploading in PDF/.xls format.


Optimized Technologies Inc. has provided a system with the help of customized cloud, and Mobile application software that can handle and validate the functionalities of change-over data logging on a digital dashboard. By transforming the whole process digitally, the entire functionality of change over data logging has been simplified hence allowing the users to effectively monitor and analyze the whole process.