Oct 10, 2022
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Digital Account to help Businesses Manage Finances | Evva

Digital Account to help Businesses Manage Finances | Evva

4-6 months
United States
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Banking & Financial Services


EVVA Financial is an international team of creators, passionate about financial innovation and its social impact. EVVA wanted to rethink business banking by crafting financial experiences made personal, transparent and simple; with the ambition to help the entrepreneurs in Mexico to make better decisions about their money, their business and their future. The ambition of the team is to help entrepreneurs in making better decisions about their money, their Evva account to your business, and their future. It allows you to invest your treasury money when you are not using it, in order to earn daily returns. Accounts with immediate liquidity therefore you can withdraw your money at any time.


Our dedicated team identified the needs of our client and designed a secure, scalable and robust solution to deliver their business goal. The PWA- Progressive Web Apps enables the following features: 1. Getting a digital business account in 1 day through web portal 2. Display Balance & transaction list to the client 3. Paying business expenses through a Debit Card 4. Activating and deactivating of debit card through portal 5. Payments through the real time bank transfers scheme (SPEI)


EVVA today is a progressive web app (PWA) that enables the small businesses in Mexico to setup their bank accounts without visiting the bank branch or completing the paperwork manually. It has reduced the time and hassle faced by SMEs faced earlier by 4X and enables a 52% GDP contributor of Mexico a convenient method of choosing financial services.