Feb 27, 2024
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Carrom Board Game Development

Carrom Board Game Development

2-3 months
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Carrom, a traditional board game popular in South Asia and other parts of the world, faces challenges in reaching younger generations accustomed to digital entertainment. Traditional wooden boards are bulky and require physical space, making them less convenient for modern lifestyles.


Intuitive touch controls: Players use touch gestures to control the striker and aim their carrom men, mimicking the real-world experience with ease. Multiple game modes: The app offers classic carrom, quick matches, and online tournaments, catering to different preferences and skill levels. Social features: Players can connect with friends, challenge them to matches, and track their progress on leaderboards, fostering a sense of community and competition. Customization options: Players can personalize their game experience by unlocking different board designs, strikers, and pucks, adding a touch of individuality.


Increased accessibility: The app has been downloaded 57k of times globally, reaching a broader audience than traditional carrom boards. Younger generation engagement: The user base skews younger, successfully introducing carrom to a new generation of players. Revived interest in the traditional game: The app has sparked renewed interest in carrom, leading to increased sales of physical carrom boards and the organization of local carrom tournaments inspired by the app's popularity.