Feb 24, 2024
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Ludo Game Development

Ludo Game Development

4-6 months
India, Jaipur
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AI for Ludo: 1. Develop an AI agent that can play Ludo against human opponents or other AI agents. 2. Explore different AI techniques like minimax, alpha-beta pruning, Monte Carlo Tree Search, or reinforcement learning to achieve optimal decision-making during the game. 3. Evaluate the performance of your AI agent through various metrics like win rate, average game time, and efficient resource utilization. 4. Compare your AI agent with existing approaches and propose improvements or novel strategies.


This involves creating the game board, player pieces, dice rolling functionality, movement logic based on dice roll and game rules, and potentially incorporating features like online multiplayer, AI opponents, and various themes. Technologies like Unity or Unreal Engine can be used for development.


1. Game Development: Metrics: Number of downloads, user engagement (time spent playing, frequency of play), player feedback on user interface, gameplay experience, and presence of bugs. Outcomes: A functional and enjoyable Ludo game application that meets user expectations and can be successfully launched on targeted platforms. 2. AI Development: Metrics: Win rate against human players or other AI agents, average number of moves to win, ability to adapt to different playing styles, and efficiency of the implemented algorithms. Outcomes: An AI agent that can play Ludo at a competitive level, potentially surpassing human performance in specific scenarios.