Feb 24, 2024
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Rummy Game Development

Rummy Game Development

4-6 months
India, Delhi
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1. Hand of cards for the player in focus 2. Visible cards on the table 3. Remaining cards in the deck (optional) 4. Scoring information and game objective 5. Choosing the best cards to discard 6. Deciding whether to meld or go for a run 7. Taking calculated risks to gain an advantage 8. Adapting strategy based on opponent's actions (if applicable)


Identify potential melds: Look for sets (three or four of a kind) and runs (consecutive cards of the same suit). Prioritize high-value cards: Focus on forming melds with high-value cards to maximize your score. Evaluate discard options: Consider the potential impact of discarding each card on your ability to form melds and your opponents' strategies.


Exploring strategic decision-making in Rummy: Analyze real-world Rummy scenarios to understand how players make choices under pressure, considering factors like risk assessment, hand evaluation, and adapting to changing situations. Investigating the influence of psychology in Rummy: Examine how cognitive biases, emotional responses, and individual personalities impact decision-making and overall gameplay in Rummy.