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Oxagile is a New York-based software development services provider that has been delivering high-quality solutions to clients since its foundation in 2005. The company serves a wide range of business verticals, including Media and Entertainment, Healthcare, Finance, and Banking, Sports, eCommerce, and more.

The company is known for its innovative approach to challenging projects driven by the in-house R&D department. R&D experts have been directly involved in over 40 Oxagile projects, helping to tackle unconventional business challenges using machine learning, computer vision, big data, IoT, and other cutting-edge techs. 

Oxagile’s main technological focus lies in the fields of online video and real-time communication. The company has accumulated top talent and deep cross-platform expertise in OTT 2.0, live streaming, audio and video conferencing, custom post-processing, and scalable content delivery. Oxagile teams have successfully delivered video-related solutions to major players like Discovery, JumpTV, Google, Veon, and Vodafone. 

Besides consulting, engineering, and deployment services, Oxagile offers clients access to unique AI-based components such as the Content DNA platform for advanced video analysis and a robust face recognition SDK. A ready-to-go, cost-effective AQA framework is available for projects with a high testing volume and product quality requirements. 

Currently, Oxagile is employing over 400 IT professionals, including developers, architects, DevOps specialists, and quality engineers.

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