Mar 25, 2024
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Boosting UX of the e-commerce platform, Payhip

Boosting UX of the e-commerce platform, Payhip

2-3 months
United Kingdom
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Mobile Development
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Media & Entertainment
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React Native
Mobile Development


Payhip, an e-commerce platform, was limited by its web-only presence, missing out on real-time interactions and mobile accessibility for its users. Sellers expressed a need for immediate sales notifications and on-the-go access to revenue data, a gap that competitors with mobile apps were already filling. This lack of mobile presence threatened customer retention and market competitiveness. Payhip recognized the urgency to establish a mobile channel but lacked the in-house capability for mobile app development.


Payhip opted to develop a cross-platform mobile app MVP using React Native, targeting both iOS and Android users. The app featured real-time sales notifications, light/dark mode, and easy access to comprehensive sales data, addressing the core needs of their sellers. The development was spearheaded by a dedicated Pagepro team, including a project manager, developers, and a QA tester, employing Agile methodologies to adapt swiftly to changes and incorporate feedback.


The outcome was a swift and successful launch of the mobile app MVP within 5 weeks, meeting all the predefined satisfaction criteria. The app's availability on both major platforms significantly enhanced user engagement and operational efficiency for Payhip's sellers. It solidified Payhip's competitive position and opened new avenues for market expansion and customer retention.