Jan 30, 2023
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Cura: Android TV And Cloud Display Image Management App

Cura: Android TV And Cloud Display Image Management App

2-3 months
United States, New York
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Specifically, the client wanted: - Enable and easily manage the use of all types and sizes of quality digital displays or frames across brands and manufacturers in homes or buildings. - Provide easy-to-use applications and cost-effective services that enable as many consumers as possible to manage, display and enjoy their personal captured memories. - Provide the capability for new value opportunities and business models to photographers, artists, and other creative professionals.


The project started by implementing image management functionality for Android TV displays, but after a while, the customer realized that it was necessary to cover as many devices as possible, including Apple devices. So the project evolved into tvOS development as well as backend and could support AWS. Perfsol properly responded to the customer's requirements and extended the team with an iOS developer, one frontend(React) developer, a backend (Java) developer, and a DevOps engineer.


The development was successfully completed and the application went to release. The customer has received exactly the features he expected along with a high level of customer focus and technical skills. We can add that the Cura project was quite interesting due to the different tech challenges we faced along the way such as handling limitations of Android devices displaying images in Ambient mode, effective image management for large images, and image processing on AWS.