Jan 30, 2023
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MXNEY: Financial App For E-commerce

4-6 months
Denmark, Copenhagen
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The client was interested to develop a user-friendly application for the e-commerce site where the entrepreneurs could monitor the efficiency statistics from different sources and have constant access to the experts' support in order to increase their income. All in all, we needed to equip the app with basic functions such as accepting and sending payments as well as provide integration with different payment systems. Moreover, we needed to develop it with security features in full compliance with all the standards and regulations in fintech. The client knew that it was not our first project in the fintech industry and relied on our experience and good references. Needless to say, our specialists did their best and showed what a truly high level of expertise means.


Since the main idea of the service is to centralize all financial services for e-commerce, it was necessary to provide integration with the maximum number of third-party services. Below you can see what we needed to implement. - Connection with multiple shopping platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shoporama, Smartweb); - Integration with banking services (accounts, cards, and IBANs); - Connection with Aiia Open Banking (Mastercard); - Integration with Facebook ads manager, Google Analytics and Google ads.


In the end, MXNEY turned out the way the client wanted it to be. The app was fast, user-friendly, looked great, and covered all users' needs. In terms of functionality, we implemented: - Transactions list; - Security regulations: KYC, KYB; - Credit documentation; - Working with Direct debit schemes; - Online wire transfers.