Jan 30, 2023
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Riverside.fm: A full-fledged platform for working with videos

2-3 months
Israel, Tel-Aviv
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Our company faced the task of creating an actual video workshop with online access. This way, users were allowed to create, edit, and post videos while working on just one resource. Integration with Spotify and Apple Podcasts was significant. Developing algorithms for the correct transfer of analytics from the specified platforms to the customer's resource was also necessary.


The team immediately got to work. We had to create a real home for podcasts that would simplify the work of content creators as much as possible. There were no difficulties with integration with streaming platforms, but the algorithm for working with analytics had to be selected for a long time. The reason is that services are reluctant to share analytical data, considering it a commercial secret. The following technologies were used: reactjs, nodejs, cubernetes. The development process included the following: Scrum, 2 FE, 1 BE, UI/UX (remote by the Riverside), One DevOps, PM.


According to the results of almost six months' work, the customer received a service that met all his wishes. The client was delighted with the mobile version of the resource, which contained the full functionality of the desktop version and was even more convenient to use. Currently, the customer is engaged in implementing the resource and turns to Perfsol in case of need, as we provide technical support on demand. The cooperation left a great impression on both sides and will not be the last.