Nov 21, 2023
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Digital Transformation for Anand Lab – Revolutionizing Healthcare Access

Digital Transformation for Anand Lab – Revolutionizing Healthcare Access

4-6 months
India, Bengaluru
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Anand Lab, a prominent diagnostics chain brand based in Bangalore, Karnataka, holds a legacy of 47+ years in the healthcare industry. As a subsidiary of Neuberg Diagnostics, Anand Lab boasts more than 120+ centres in Bangalore, serving a vast customer base of over a million. Their commitment to quality is reflected in being the first NABL-certified lab in South India.


Pain Points Before the transformation, Anand Lab was grappling with several challenges, including: A cumbersome process for the internal team to manage responsibilities, coupled with fears of a new site launch. An outdated WordPress site with limited functionality and links to third-party tools for accessing reports. Absence of a comprehensive list of their extensive range of tests and packages (over 5000+). Lack of a proper tracking mechanism, hindering effective data management. Inflexibility in customizing the layout and design due to the WordPress platform. Absence of a dashboard for essential daily MIS reports, including registrations, payments, appointments, and leads.


Outcome Achieved: The transformation yielded remarkable outcomes that greatly enhanced Anand Lab’s digital presence and operational efficiency: 3.5xFaster loading 32%Lesser Bounce rate 48%Better Conversion rate 90%Retention Rate Website Launch:The new website was successfully launched within the agreed timeline, with a 10% buffer to ensure a smooth transition. Improved Loading Speed: The loading speed of the website was drastically reduced to a swift 3.5 seconds for the entire homepage, ensuring a seamless and engaging user experience. Reduced Bounce Rate: The bounce rate, which indicates visitors leaving the site without interaction, was significantly lowered to a mere 32% over the course of the last six months.