Mar 14, 2023
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Accommodation search web app

Accommodation search web app

4-6 months
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This project offers a long-term housing search service that is unique in the globe. The organization assists those who relocate in order to accept a job in finding a home rapidly. The project's objective is to make moving easier by helping international residents find housing. So that the customer wanted us to create an MVP of the project which is a web app that gathers user search criteria so you can provide them with appropriate housing.


The application shows a local map with pertinent and accessible settlement alternatives when users enter their criteria. Users can dynamically alter the available filters to focus their search for expat housing or to determine the fastest route from home to work. Customers view personalized pop-ups for lodging choices on the nearby map in real-time mode. The windows show the primary lodging description, various pictures, the address, the cost per week, and the amenities that come with the house. Ability for expats to examine the most precise routes from a chosen property to a particular target point, with distance and duration indicators, is one of the outstanding advantages of the search site for expat housing. Google Distance Matrix API was used to construct this functionality


Without investing excessive time and resources in web development, our team provided a functional minimum viable product that our client could show to early investors. We used Firebase for user authentication and data storage to ensure good website speed while reducing the number of API queries. We created a visually appealing UI design for the MVP solution using Semantic UI in accordance with the brand identity of the organization. The UI is convenient and simple to use, which improves user experience with the site for finding expat accommodation.