Mar 02, 2023
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7-12 months
Service categories
Service Lines
Mobile Development
Domain focus
Programming language
React Native


Customer required an app, main core concept of which is to help customers to wash & clean their clothes based on geolocation. Customers leave their stuff in some place and when it`s washed up they take it back by courier or theirselves in predefined place. Additionally customer wanted to have different user roles.


Microservices architecture was chosen to achieve auto scaling of application, app supports scaling for new pick-up points added directly from the administration panel with any ordering options client might want. User interface was built as React and React Native apps that interact with php based back-end, storing all the user information, orders and administration data in MySQL database. The mobile client created by Plavno uses the React.Native, that allows to have a single code base for mobile apps for iOS and Android, Mobile apps share a common core for order placing and customer support chats with the web app, allowing cross-platform calls and chats. Analytics data is used in the administration panel to control delivery and balance orders between points.


Plavno developed and benchmarked available market products and technologies. Plavno developed the backend and frontend architecture: - Scalable React Native application based on a dynamic data from administration panel using contentful - Specially designed custom integration with printing system using native technologies for BLM connection - AWS based scalable server - Chat service between application users and administration panel