Mar 14, 2023
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Fleet management system

Fleet management system

7-12 months
United States
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IT Services
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The customer's company faced the need to improve and digitize their internal process of truck fleet management, as their current system of using Excel and disparate files was time-consuming and inefficient. With issues such as data loss, human errors, lack of transparency, and user-unfriendliness, the existing system was hindering the company's growth. Thus, the customer sought to develop and implement a bespoke data management system specifically tailored to their truck fleet, equipped with a comprehensive set of features.


The solution created encompasses two main modules, each offering specific functionalities for data management. Module 1 focuses on the tracking of the company's vehicle fleet, providing detailed reports on truck operations, analytics, and information on the vehicles' status such as location, last maintenance date, and responsible mechanic. The platform streamlines the work of employees, making all information readily accessible through customizable filters. Module 2, dedicated to freight project management, allows employees to enter data on ongoing and upcoming contracts, assign vehicles to projects, and track the project's financial performance, shipment reports, and employee KPIs.


Plavno undertook the creation and implementation of a comprehensive truck fleet management platform from the ground up. The resulting web application equips employees with two core modules, enabling the recording, monitoring, and analysis of the company's truck fleet. The project's development process is structured as follows: our team is involved in the creation and phased introduction of new platform features based on the customer's requirements, while the customer is responsible for testing each feature within their unique internal business processes and workflows. Considering the effectiveness of the system hinges on accurate manual data entry, our team has crafted training instructions to educate employees on the proper use of the truck fleet management platform.