Mar 02, 2023
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Healthcare app development

Healthcare app development

7-12 months
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Mobile Development
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React Native
Mobile Development


The client required a secure digital system, which combines health testing with advanced mobile technologies. The system has to be developed specifically to work with all official test types, including PCR and rapid tests. The client wanted an app, which includes a patient app and guardian scanner to be used for scanning patents' COVID statuses and print the entrance ticket.


App provides advanced solutions for a variety of medical services, including diagnostics, X-rays and scans, blood tests, prescriptions, bookings. The platform supports 2 user roles. Medical staff have access to the admin panel, where they can edit patient’s status data. The app for patients stores data on visits, appointments, vaccination history and their COVID-19 status. The platform includes scanners used at public access terminals. QR codes may be scanned and verified whenever required. This provides several functions as well as requesting access to patient health services, prescription authentication, patient identification, etc. Plavno team added a few easy-login methods (email + social media). Users can have access to their data and medical history and manage their appointments.


Platform was outdated and failed to adapt to changing market conditions. We had to enhance the platform at all levels, including UI and functional for iOS and Android app. React developers created a user-friendly interface with typical UI components. We also restyled admin panel without changing its functionality. We ensured that all interactive elements work as intended by the client’s designers team. Our developers also delivered code reviews by checking and analyzing the task code before releasing it. Legacy code refactoring improves the structure of an old or unfamiliar code without changing its functionality. Plavno developers delivered end-to-end testing which covers the entire software product from beginning to end to ensure that all of the required functional works as expected.