Mar 02, 2023
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Mercedes-Benz CRM and Marketplace platform

Mercedes-Benz CRM and Marketplace platform

7-12 months
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The client is the official distributor of Daimler AG. The main challenge was that the database contains about 1 million items. We needed to ensure stable operation when connecting many dealers and synchronize the database in real time by the availability of spare parts in European warehouse.


The catalog consists of more than one million items of products, so the catalog management system module CMS X4 was used to operate it. The system can easily process product catalogs of any size. Additionally, provides the ability to filter products through the search, as well as the selection of analogs in the catalog. Then the user places the goods in the shopping cart and places an order. The order enters the company's CRM, where a responsible manager can work with it. The personal account saves the history of orders and has a “favorites” function, where the user can save items and place a quick order. An exchange protocol was designed via REST api for the future connection of an accounting system that supports full remote operation e.g. 1C enterprise, or another similar ERP system.


Our team developed personal account for corporate clients, which is provided with: process product catalogs system, filtering products through the search, placing order function. Plavno developers delivered a simple and intuitive design in accordance with corporate style of the company. The team also integrated the solution with the customer’s ERP.