Mar 14, 2023
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University admission platform

University admission platform

7-12 months
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We were approached by a German university with a century-old history, an innovative IT space that trains qualified specialists in the technical and humanitarian fields. To simplify the submission of documents and attract students from other countries, the university planned to transfer the admission procedure to an online format and automate all processes.


Three groups of users will interact with the digital platform: applicants, parents and admissions managers. It was necessary to design a clear interface that would help applicants and parents to submit all the necessary documents. It was also necessary to take care of managers — to automate and simplify their work. The digital platform helped to achieve the main goal — the applicant understood the procedure, quickly filled out the application and received feedback, and the manager effectively performed his work without mistakes. The applicant can submit applications, track their status, attach documents, take entrance exams and make the necessary changes Competitive lists, orders for enrollment and deduction are generated by the system automatically.


The digital platform solves several important tasks at once: reduces document flow, reduces the number of errors when submitting applications, quickly generates reports and statistical indicators to improve the service. We and the university experts have created a comprehensive and convenient platform for applicants in a short amount of time. The digital solution helped to automate the admission procedure and increase the efficiency of employees. The admission campaign of 2022 was successful and covered a larger number of applicants due to the possibility of remote application. The implemented platform is flexible, customized, easily scalable.